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I've become a cranky old biddy lately. I'm deaf in one ear, so that ruins theaters for me. I won't pay what a ticket costs now'days, and I'm old enough that I fall asleep in those cushy recliners. Why would I buy a ticket to take a nap?!

If I can't get it from the internet, I don't watch it. I have an obscenely large TV right here at home, my movie food outdoes anything Alamo offers, I don't have to put on street clothes or put up with somebody else's noise, and I can bring my dogs! I don't miss going to the theater at all!


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What are you selling, dude? Get-rich-quick? Crypto? Homeopathy? Jesus? Are you Jack fucking McBrayer? I'm not buying your touchy-feely cheer-up crap. GTFO with your fake hearts and flowers. I can smell your ulterior motive. Just tell us what you really want instead of trying to trick us into giving it to you.


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Another one to avoid is Sunshine Animal Hospital. I knew one of their long-standing vets personally and had taken my animals there for several years, and was happy with the treatment they got. But then I discovered my dog's bloodwork had been indicating elevated liver enzymes for *three years* before the vet thought maybe she should tell me. By then my dog was terribly weak and sick. The vet just shrugged. I took my dog elsewhere and they found a large inoperable cancerous tumor. I don't know whether the vet at Sunshine didn't have the equipment and knowledge to think "cancer" when she first saw my dog's bloodwork, or if she just didn't give a damn.


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We are at Galloway Village Vet now, and very impressed with the level of scientifically advanced care our dogs are getting. I think their fees are competitive, and commensurate with the excellent care they provide.

If you wind up needing after-hours care, the emergency vet (400 S Glenstone) is excellent, as well.


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As I remember it, Gary and Mr. Porter, who was convicted and is now serving 2 life sentences for the Tyrrell's murders, had worked together for several years as teachers and administrators of public schools in the area. They were close friends, and when Mr. Porter asked for a loan from the Tyrrells, it was generously and openly given. But Mr. Porter didn't repay the loan.

On the night of the Tyrrell's murder, Mr. Porter had asked to meet with Gary at a restaurant or some such. Gary stood him up, because he believed, or knew, that Mr. Porter wanted more money. At that time, Gary was beginning to feel that Mr. Porter was taking unjust advantage of the Tyrrells' generosity.

Porter then went to the Tyrrell's home, rang the doorbell, and was invited (or forced his way?) inside. Porter asked for money, Gary refused. To make a much more complicated story short and to-the-point, Mr. Porter beat Gary severely, and then shot him twice. He bludgeoned Jan to death with one of Gary's collectible items, a walrus tusk. Then Porter stole silver coins, valued at $18 K (not nearly enough to cover the large gambling debt for which it was later discovered Porter wanted the 2nd loan from the Tyrrells.)


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We decided to put it off until the weather warms back up. I felt bad making somebody schlep us food when we have plenty in the house already, and these cold temps aren't just unpleasant; they could really cause problems for somebody if something happened.


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We like J&J. Lots of people complain about them, but they are cheap and they've been really accommodating with our disabilities and illnesses. If they have to, they retrieve our trash cans from the side of the house, knowing we haven't been able to put them out at the curb. Small mom and pop business and have been very good to us over many years.


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I was excited to see that they have a gluten free menu, but they don't seem to understand why some of us must cut gluten from our diet (an allergy, basically, which can cause serious illness. I'm guessing they want to cater to the "fad" GF crowd?) They proudly proclaim their gluten free offerings *salt free*. Um. Please salt my fries, and change your gloves before you make my sandwich. Maybe they've confused gluten free with heart healthy??