muffinslinger t1_ix5uzp4 wrote

Dude, this is me! I caught covid in February 2022 and then all of a sudden had a cough that went on for 5+ months, constant feeling of cactus/irritated feeling bronchial tubes, little to no sleep due to waking up choking. Finally went to doc, and they diagnosed me with asthma (mind you, I was perfectly healthy before that February, never had asthma before) I saw a pulmonary doc as well. Nothing. Its slowly driving me nuts. I'm not the same person that I was beginning of this year.

I've bought mold tests and plan to test around my apartment as it is very old and poorly sealed/insulated. I see random dark spots appear in my shower so I already swabbed them. 2 more days until I find out if it's black mold!