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Alexander Shipley, who is the Rahway historian, may be interested in that router.

He doesn't use email much but he is the director of the Merchants & Drovers Tavern Museum on St. Georges Ave. Give him a ring at (732) 381-0441.

Did you know that Rahway was also home to the first lab of inventor Nikolai Tesla? There is a statue of him in front of the Rahway Train Station.


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This is a great point. Bring a young homeowner was OK, but being an older homeowner as flood damage from storms and high tides increases every year, owning a home near the water may result in many expensive headaches.


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My brother moved to Warren Twp. late last year.

It's mostly composed of McMansions on wooded lots. No sidewalks and no real downtown to speak of if you're interested in those things.

Seems to be a bedroom community with easy access to I-78. O'Bagel has delicious bagels, though.