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> I think most of them were just poor kids who had been conscripted; the actual Nazi ideologues were held in much more secure prisons.

Actual nazi idealogues were rare. Those atrocities were committed by Germans for the sake of Germany. Regular Germans were pretty happy with the nazis until they ran out of countries to rob and the people they'd tried to enslave started to come after them for revenge.


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> This really seems like he's trying to broaden the meaning of intelligence to the point that it encompasses any emergent behavior.

Sounds more like they're trying to justify further research into seeing whether they would be able to apply concepts like swarm intelligence to communities of plants.


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To be totally honest I genuinely doubt that Hitler cared, though it probably factored into the decision to just try and exterminate the Jews altogether.

At the end of the day, Hitler shot himself and that lady is like 105.


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