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And then what pay for all your subscriptions ? I just open a browser and stream whatever I want..there is no cables showing the apple tv box is probably 3 times as big and much more restricted. People also have stuff like PLEX servers setup they're not having a tower sitting on the floor with an HDMI cable running to it....

Or download any other streaming app like Moonlight to your smart TV.


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I stream everything originally had the Intel ComputeStick from years ago and just replaced it with one of the many options on Amazon. For about $250CAD you can get a stick that plugs directly into your HDMI Slot with 8GB RAM + 128GB space and is smaller than my cellphone, full windows 10 or 11 and just stream whatever you want...It really is simple. Plug a Bluetooth keyboard with the mouse pad combo and you never need to worry about streaming things again.


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Elon didn't come up with anything....the Hyperloop has been around for decades and there's reasons why it hasn't been put into fruition. Elon's hyperloop ramblings were just another way to dissuade actual high speed rail in California, because what does Elon sell? Cars.

It's criminal that North America has almost no high speed rail, look at what Spain accomplished in building out there high speed rail since 2005.


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This drug sounds nasty, have you looked into Baclofen ? An alcoholic doctor wrote a book on it and how it stopped his drinking. It's a strong GABA-B drug. I have first hand experience with it helping me kick a heavy GHB addiction that would have hospitalized most people.

Highly highly underrated for alcohol/GHB/dealing with any severe GABA-B issues


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Have you read anything at all about ancient Rome/Greeks ? They were gay as the day is long and it was not frowned upon as it shouldn't be. Even for the middle East being queer being a bad thing is more of a western thing that was adopted.