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There are two reasons to buy life insurance. The main one is that you want to provide for someone financially in the event that you die. That doesn't seem to be the case here.

The other is that it can help with some niche situations. It can be used for tax deferrals. It can also be used to protect assets from creditors. But it is an expensive way to do those things and is generally only appropriate for very wealthy people.

But the commissions on selling life insurance, especially whole life, are very high and so insurance salespeople will jump through all sorts of hoops to convince you that you need it.


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Your total tax bill is your total tax bill. What was withheld during the year was an estimate based on how you filled out your withholding forms. You had too little withheld. You can increase your withholding. It won't lower how much you pay each year in taxes, but it will help you avoid a year-end surprise. Beyond that, you can try to make more money, advocate for lower taxes (and fewer government services as a result), or try to take advantage of more tax incentives.