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It's not capitalism's fault that there's a cultural anti-education mindset, Uncle Tom, etc. This mindset greatly reduces the opportunities afforded to you when you become an adult. Illegal activities are, in and of themselves, a form of capitalism........ and will never be less profitable than actually abiding by the laws of society - at least in the short term. Capital, social, commune, or otherwise... Crime is hard to beat for short term gain.

If Nicetown/K&A/Germantown, etc, ever become like Passyunk - to attract people from around the city.... what percentage of the current residents do you think would be able to afford to remain?


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What does investment and development in areas like that look like? Because that sounds like gentrification which pushes people out because the people living there probably won't get "better jobs", at best there might be more local jobs - but I don't think there is a general lack of jobs in the city overall, menial or otherwise. Fundamentally.... Im coarse and would rather see the development and remove the blight and hope the people either find a better job or a new place to live.


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Maybe if our subways and the el weren't shit and piss piles, ran more frequently, and ran to further locations, we wouldn't need a fucking car as much in this city. If I took the train to work it'd have to be regional rail - despite still being in the city. I'd get about a mile and change from work - and easy bike ride..... But no sidewalks lna death defying road to bike on. So I live somewhere with parking and reverse commute every day.