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It's hard to swallow at some times, not easily comparable to western sci-fi (especially with the many characters with hard to distinguish names). Still a masterwork. I'm not the biggest fan of Netflix, but they sure know which stories to pick. I had the exact same experience with Game of Thrones: listened to the audiobook, then read the books, watched the show, read the books again... I'm already sure I will read this trilogy again, there's just so much in it.


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In preparation for the upcoming Netflix adaption: "The Three-Body Problem" by Liu Cixin (first part of a trilogy). Mindblowing chinese sci-fi, touching many philosophical and physical questions and topics like environmentalism and computer architecture. Expect a GoT-like hype for the Netflix series (same producers), but I found the chinese series to be exceptionally good as well (running now on Rakuten Viki). You know the drill: read the book first. It's always better to read the book first.