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Minus the times when the other person is being malicious, and assuming it is beyond the frame of the circumstances to properly be able to correct them.

(Some of this can still be done to be charitable, but I always say it's no good to squeeze out all your water for someone who is dried out and you become dried out instead. You dole out what you can afford to, and put limits at some point before it's too much. And frankly just looking out for yourself is valid plenty of the time, so long as you yourself are not actively malicious or be that way when it's not forced.)


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It's not the amplitude of signal strength. Time of flight uses a precise timestamp in the data packet from the exact moment when the packet is emitted, and you use the time elapsed between the initial timestamp and when you got the message, divided by the expected physical speed of propagating the signal through space, to estimate distance from the transmitter to the receiver.


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They can triangulate the location of wireless devices without line of sight, by repeatedly measuring 1-dimensional distance data and sampling from multiple measuring locations. Kinda like how GPS works. The data is positioning only, and indirectly/approximately derived.

I wouldn't call that "seeing through walls" as if it's an x-ray camera. I might say "it can see the 3d position of wireless devices through walls, but no visuals, it can just see the spots the things are at."

They can also reverse-engineer what the device is likely to be, by cross-referencing its unique MAC address with the manufacturer that has reserved those addresses. So, something by Apple is probably a computing device or an AirPort router or whatever.

I dunno, man, this headline feels way too hyped up. A persistent person could definitely profile where stuff is in your building, but that's a hell of a lot of effort to case a joint than just traditional means, IMO. Sounds like the kind of stuff only spies would care about, or organized crime maybe.


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This did not start (or statistically increase) with Krasner, and it won't disappear when he leaves office.

The fact is, people commit crimes. There is no way to prevent them all without locking up every single person. At which point the only difference is that the crimes will happen in prison instead of out.

The notion that Krasner is increasing crime is a pre-baked talking point, a conclusion waiting for facts to back it up, not a result of facts leading to a conclusion.



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We have a very difficult legal immigration process. That adds desperation for people to try to get in illegally. We also have a country (Mexico) that struggles to contain its cartels, just across the border. The cartels have ridiculous amount of funding, resources, firepower, etc. In many ways rivaling or greater than Mexico's own government and military. Stopping them isn't easy. The border is extremely long as well. That does not mean we have "open borders," far from it. The Biden administration is still stopping lots of people outside of the border under [EDIT: programs similar to] the Trump administration's "remain in Mexico" policy. [1] [2] Getting in is dangerous, and CBP/DHS detains many, many people on the way in. The fact that there have been more apprehensions at the border than ever means enforcement is doing its job more than ever before. It's just not an "open border", plain facts.


myalt08831 t1_itx1p8w wrote starting at 4 minutes 18 seconds, Hannity asks him for closing thoughts. He says the thing about busing immigrants to Delaware at 4:50 - 5:00.

I find this whole event atrocious, and he is not focused on helping anyone but targeting and hurting people. Some policies would hurt minorities, other policies would hurt us all. The hate in this man. It's beyond "over the line," it's dangerous, unintelligent and hateful. Hannity and Gingrich being involved just make it all that much worse. The fact the crowd will cheer for these statements shows the hate in their hearts as well, besides their foolishness for believing these things would bring any good.


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>If elected governor this November, Republican state senator Doug Mastriano said he’d transport undocumented immigrants in the commonwealth across state lines. > >He explained his proposal during a town hall in York, which aired on FOX News Wednesday, hosted by Sean Hannity and Newt Gingrich.

All of this is awful. Hannity and Gingrich are as evil as snakes, but with the good judgment of a rabid squirrel. Good company Mastriano keeps, I see.


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No party should be trying to impeach a District Attorney from the other party simply for being ideologically different.

Krasner is not even credibly accused of breaking any laws in this impeachment circus.

They just dislike his politics and are desperate for the talking points that will come out of this. And if they succeed? It would be wildly unexpected, but gravy to them.

This is all out of the book of Trump: Push the system to the brink, see if it breaks in your favor. Bully everyone you disagree with. Make basically existing outside of your group of supporters a toxic and tiring exercise. Wear the other guys down. Make the unreasonable seem reasonable and make the reasonable seem criminal. Up is down, right is wrong, etc etc till the cows come home. It never ends with these people. Shame would only slow them down. So they got rid of shame, and what do you know, everything is easier for them now.

Vote these baseless-impeachment-bringing bastards out. This whole ridiculous exercise is making a mockery of PA law and the state constitution.