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> but it was worth watching for Tatiana Maslany

I adore her. I loved She Hulk because of her. I was excited when I realized the religious person in Perry Mason season 1 was her.

It's like energy emanates off her or something. I can't explain it. But I have yet to be disappointed by her performances even if the show itself is meh.


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Or when you approach they give you a 10 second stare, then slowly respond as if you were disturbing them on their vacation to ask them about MTA stuff, and they're holding back their wrath to be courteous and respond. Some of them.

I've had waay more interactions with nice booth agents than bad ones, but the bad ones unfortunately leaving a lasting memory.


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I don't even think him not resigning is the worst part of this.

If I have no ethics I wouldn't resign either. Six figure income guaranteed for two years. Don't really need to actually work. Benefits. Privileged access. Networking. Shield from the law. Why would anyone resign?

Everyday Santos remains in office is a day the GOP approves of his actions. Until they decide this is a step too far, it will be just another thing they don't mind as long as it's a Republican doing it.

And I can't think of a greater symbol of a broken nation than 1/2 of its government holding this position.


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The characters didn't really have much depth to them. They all came across as surface level, where all you have is the 2 sentence description a writer comes up with when building a rough draft of their character list. And at times it felt like it was being used as a vehicle to educate the audience rather than tell stories. You don't need to present representation and inclusivity as a PSA.

Conflicts were predictable. Reactions were predictable. Basically was as cheesy as a daytime soap opera.

Nevertheless I still watched it, cause we have almost no shows like this, and am disappointed it got cancelled.

Get a better team behind it. Don't just kill it. So we'll see what happens with the reboot.


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Reply to comment by PM_me_tus_tetitas in Avenue 5 by MSGRiley

Yeah I feel the same. The jokes hit hard in the first season. Second season, a lot of it fell flat. It's like the structure for the jokes existed, but the punchlines had no oomph. And it feels rushed. Like they went to the Aaron Sorkin school of wpm script writing.


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And the double deckers are also cool as fuck to ride. It makes me feel like I'm having a classic train experience with the bell ringing as it's rolling into the station. The [sweet] smell of diesel wafting up. The split levels. It's my favorite. I used to leave work at a specific time just to make sure I get the speonk diesel trains.


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Nah I'd go E. A train goes above ground for part of its journey, and the last stop in queens where it may sit in the station for a while is above ground. No matter how high the heat is blasting, those doors opening when the wind chill is in the teens or lower is a lot worse than trying to stay warm on the E.


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Until voter turnout for the "boring" local elections cracks at least 40% (which is still abysmal) consistently, I will continue to blame the eligible voters as holding a huge portion of responsibility for the state of things. Yes special interest has co-opted out government and corruption flourishes, but as a voting public we're not even trying to make it hard for them. Adams is exactly the same person he was when he was borough president. Now he just has more power and a bigger budget to fuck with. And voters gave that to him.