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I hate doing all that extraneous human-interaction stuff when I just need to get what I want. If a machine can do it for me in a few mouseclicks or commands in a terminal it will always be the superior choice.

Of course, I don't see much value in having a waitress serve me, when I could make 20 pre-packaged well-portioned nutritious meals at home in advance, and eat and be done in ten minutes, for $2 a meal. But friends and family see this as lacking in social grace, so I have to go along with the inefficiency (driving to restaurant, ordering, waiting, talking about some trivial thing the other humans care about, etc.)


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There's a lot of low-hanging fruit involving cancer that gets ignored.

Cancer cells seem to proliferate faster in high-sugar solution. But patients don't get told to go on a low-sugar diet. German researchers found about 100 years ago that fasting can slow cancer growth, and sometimes put cancer in remission. This too does not get much discussion in the US. No money in it.

Instead we get incredibly expensive chemotherapeutics (antibody drug conjugates for example) that have incredibly toxic payloads and at best extend the patient's life a few months.