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I have a weird thing with bananas; I can only eat them when they are mostly green, just barely turning yellow. Once they are ripe with even one tiny brown spot, they are disgusting garbage.


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I read it because I was curious about the same thing. The article doesn't say. My guess is she has brothers/sisters that the money will go to, and this child was expendable. There was also this:

> Jain families are sometimes said to encourage their children to enter the monkhood to enhance their relatives' social standing.


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Oh man, I uploaded a bunch of old public-domain old TV shows for a youtube educational channel and got a copyright violation for just one of them. It was because in one 5-minute scene, a couple was watching a scary show on TV, and there was eerie music playing in the background. That generic-sounding tune is what had the copyright claim on it.


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Honestly, I couldn't care less if a fuzzy picture of me on the toilet is shown to a group of developers for learning purposes. And if this picture somehow ends up on the internet, still don't care. It's not like they attach your name to it and it's the first thing that comes up when somebody googles you. The headline makes it sound like the pictures were linked to people's personal Facebook pages.


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I felt like I needed a Silkwood shower after watching season 1, although I agree with many of the good aspects you pointed out. I have no desire to watch season 2 based on everything I've heard.


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> Sperm was first discovered in 1677 – but it took roughly 200 years before scientists agreed on how humans are actually formed. The “preformationists” believed that each spermatozoa contained a tiny, miniaturised human – the homunculus. They believed that the egg simply provided a place for the sperm to grow.

So, when a kid looked exactly like their mom it was just a coincidence? I'm kind of amazed some of them thought that.