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>Oxford Archaeology said that following consultations with Historic England and Milton Keynes Council, the mosaic has been preserved in situ.

>It means materials have been placed over the brickwork to protect it, to allow construction to continue without causing damage.

I don't know this was even an option. But makes sense. I wonder how long until it's lost then rediscovered.


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As you can see here.

"Weekly church attendance is required (Christian church of their choice).  They are never required to believe any particular faith, just to hear for 1 hour per week about the One that is providing a roof over their heads.  And of course, it is our hope and prayer that their faith grows while they are with us."

That's a quote obviously I'm against it because of the title you would think it'd be obvious.


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I think that's more about spousal benefits. Like people who were waiting for dragging their feet rushed now because of the war.

You heard about soldiers in the US getting married quick before heading to Iraq or Afghanistan I imagine this is not much different.