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You haven’t noticed that comments are what Reddit is all about? And, what’s really special is that people can comment both positively and negatively on things! They can joke, be sarcastic, all sorts of options! Complete sentences are also helpful.


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Calling it a crisis is a bit extreme. It’s definitely a big problem in places like China, but we’ll be OK. Adjustments definitely will need to be made in elderly care though.

The US population is not growing. The elderly demographic is therefore increasing. This tends to happen when there are major health or negative economic events. It’s predicted in about 10 years that the 65+ population will out number the under 18 population. With better health care, people are living longer. That doesn’t mean they are able to take care of themselves though.


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That’s awful. Frequent UTIs are unfortunately very common in my limited experience. There is a lot of money in elder care, but it seems to all go to administration/ executives rather than the staff. They are very over worked and under paid. Not to give excuses- no person (or animal) should ever be treated these ways, but it seems very much a too down issue.


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Very important work, thank you. My parents are in their 80’s and still doing ok enough to live in their home but many of their friends have had experience in. It’s short and long term facilities. I think every one has some bad story. Most recently, someone who wasn’t bathed for over a week.