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Marlow is brand new opening this year, and Juniper is across the street from it. Both of those are nice apartments that have luxury amenities. With Marlow being brand new, you may be able to get some move in deals. TenM and The Met are also nice and been around for a bit


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Most of the apartments near the downtown area have secured garages, so break ins shouldnt be much of an issue. Also - I have lived in the downtown area for a while now and have never felt unsafe. I like the walkability of it and easy access to restaurants


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What kind of vibe are you looking for? Downtown area is really nice with lots of restaurants and an outdoor concert venue all in walking distance. There are also areas that are going to be a bit more away from everything, may be quieter and more family oriented.


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I hope they bring it back as well. Would love to see the price reduced or made free by Howard County. The price was pretty expensive and I know there were times where I contemplated taking it, but the price made the value not worth it and ended up driving to my location. If the price was cheaper, would have pulled a vehicle off the road and helped reduce traffic in the area


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Have you worked with Howard County Office of Consumer Protection yet? They handle landlord/tenant issues. I delt with them once for a vehicle being illegally towed and they were pretty responsive