myne t1_j90tg16 wrote

I'm fairly sure they look at the steam stats when they make a game and make sure it'll run ok on at least the top 70% of the in-use market.

Sure, you have to turn stuff off/down, but it still should play ok.

It's a volume business. They need sales. They need to target the audience that exists.

I'll note the 1060 is finally the #2 card on steam.

A 6 year old mid range card is still way up there in the market. It'll be hard for game designers to not target it.


myne t1_j74lmat wrote

I'm going to suggest vines.

Deciduous vines can be trained, pruned and intertwined to cover a roadway entirely with a lower footprint than a tree. Presumably there are vines that can reach at least 6m high.


myne t1_j5jke9i wrote

He who panics first panics best.

Probably why so many ceos are pushing for the minions to return to the office.

Just get them back long enough to unwind the positions to retail bagholders, and then about face with some bs about productivity synergies. Throw in cloud a few times for good measure. Cloud workers.

Actually, fuck cloud. This needs a new term. The Nebula. Nebulous workforce. The ultimate in galactic workforce flexibility and productivity. Where every star employee and speck of dust can shine like Lucy in the sky.


myne t1_ixywh7p wrote

Here's something I imagine: we build a steel belt around the planet to attach "satellites" and solar panels to, space elevators in central Africa, sth America, and Indonesia.

The only thing I'm unsure of is whether it is possible to build it "flat" on the ground and expand it outward by adding new segments until it reaches space, or if it must be built up there in the first place. I suspect it can't be built down here because it'd have to be the strongest self supporting structure ever built, and it would have to be held in the air, paradoxically by wires holding it down like bike spokes. Perhaps the smart way to build it is with spools of wow. Just feed the spool until it laps the planet, catch the end, and then keep adding wires until it turns into a rope.

LEO ~2000km. Earth radius ~6000km. 2pi8000=50,000km of wire for one lap. A decent size near solid rope would need a hell of a lot more than that.

But at some point, something like that is inevitable in my view.