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Doesn't matter how, the USA spends hundreds of millions to keep it secure.

I recall playing war games with Pakistan and India that were declassified by the CIA dealing with the 70s India VS Pakistan.

It would be a nightmare if some group like the Taliban got a hold of Pakistan's nukes.

India ain't paying for that shit. So we, the USA, do. It's why the ISI is effective.

A nuke sent into India would trigger a nuclear exchange, and China would freak the fuck out.


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Language is funny that way. Eadburg pronounced in middle English would sound very near yabur to our ear. Like mother.

Names, like any word, are distorted by dialect. Much like the Irish name Aisling is Ashley in the USA.

Time and dialect change lots of words. It's doubtful that Jews in 1k BC would recognize Adam and Eve as anything more than gibberish.

For instance, my username is Myrddyna, but the two d's are a th sound, it's a form of the name Merlin.


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Mandatory mental health is really ripe for abuse. Furthermore, it is interpretative, which is scary AF in many places with overpowered security forces.

It also requires both heavy privacy as well as free Healthcare. Doesn't do much good if some psyche gives you a diagnosis and then a script you can't afford.