n00chness t1_jabxlij wrote

Before you arrived, Karen was the ace driver at Piaza Del Puerto. A former (?) real estate agent with three kids, Karen was all business. She knew all the angles. The big tippers? Karen would time her delivery returns so she got those runs, it was uncanny how she did that. The crappy tippers and the out of the way runs? Somehow, Karen always avoided those, and they fell to you. Mother fucking Karen. You just had to respect the hustle, honestly.

And then the Eldritch Horror showed up. Nobody thought too much about it at first, to be honest. But, somebody had to do th runs. The tips were predictably awful. It's like they were too lazy or put out to do even basic subsistence level food prep. And guess who it fell to to complete that run? Well, it sure as hell wasn't Karen and her God dammed Silver Honda Accord, that's for sure. Nope. It was on you.