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>Atlanta’s city council solicited public comment on the facility in September of [2021], and received more than seventeen hours of remarks—including a few minutes from Joe Santifer. “I said the location isn’t congruent with the neighborhood,” he told me. “It’s outsized for the number of officers that Atlanta has, and the process has been rushed.” Santifer said that he’d also listened to most of the other remarks, which were recorded, and that “about seventy per cent” were opposed to the development. (A crowdsourced tally reached the same conclusion.)

just to be clear, are you saying the people being discussed here don't exist, or aren't from atlanta?

edit: oh, i see.


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you're right, there are many more! in the OP, the title clarifies - these are just the ship owners recorded as having financed the most slaving voyages in a narrow 23-year window. any record of all slaving voyages based out of a rhode island port, either for that time period or since the beginning of european colonization, would have a lot more names, even if it was still limited to ship owners.

i remember reading somewhere that the brown who the school is named after didn't invest in that many (🙄) slaving journeys himself - others involved with the school did more - but would have to loke around for more details. i can if you want