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Isn’t that only a problem if your energy source produces carbon? Like if I charge it off a coal power plant then try to re-capture it, then it’s net more CO2 than just removing it. But if it’s charged from wind power then it captures carbon and costs wind. Still a net benefit for CO2 levels, no?


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When every climate scientist on the planet is in agreement, I choose to believe them. But, sure, there’s a chance they’re all lying and the UN and every government are all in on it in an effort for you to buy a different version of the same brand of hairspray. Because that makes sense…


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>She said they told her that “somebody reported that the woman here has not been moving for the last two hours” and that the officers assumed the figure had “a heart attack or she’s overdosed.”

>The sculpture, which can be seen publicly through the gallery’s window, has surprised people before. When the work appeared at London art and design fair Decorex in October, paramedics were called, according to Blakemore.