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NASA along with their international partners launch a series of Solar Shield/Shade satellites as a means to combat a coming global climate cataclysm by allowing us to manually adjust the "thermostat" so to speak. Predictably, things go wrong. The Satellites are hacked by fellow humans & used against us.. Why would they sentence themselves to destruction? Well that's the thing, the intrusion did not originate from Earth...


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You never mentioned Country... I will assume Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. Where I message you from currently

I Dilnur, walk streets of nation of Kazakhstan, with meaning... My meaning? Of course to kill. But only to kill those also out to kill. So it is kill or be killed, by a Killer, who kills killers... Understand? I picked up this idea from once Indian friend of mine in past, names Rishi. Karma, Rishi called this idea. He told me it sang from me like prostitute when she wants to make extra couple bucks. I insisted he quit using my sister in his analogies, as he did not personally know her (though many do, very many). He refused this... But he is Indian, so I figure different strokes for differential blokes, as they say. We are no longer friends, because he is dead. He was lost in a Donkey kicking accident back in 2016. I lose a friend that day, and my nephew loses a Father... Now, he is nobody. Sad day..

Back to story of mine. This power, this Karma, it followed me. Some spread rumor of me being biggest Hero in all Kazakhstan. But I am well traveled. I have seen western film, and I know the villains often look the coolest. Not to mention they don't generally have to walk around in underwear as part of costume.. This was interest to me, because it is radical. Walking about streets in something besides underwear? All of a sudden, a strange but wonderful new world present itself to me, Dilnur. I announced to Kazak public, no, I Dilnur, am not greatest Super-Hero. Instead, I am deadliest Super-Villain. Some foolishly complain, saying I am a force for good. I remind them that idea of Hero/Villain is cultural, and to us, we judge all moments as they occur. Batman might be heroic one night, but if he should slay Chief Gordon without proper honor, he is now Badman. I came up with this, Badman. I, Dilnur.

My speech immediately pays dividend, as all woman in village throwing themselves on to Dilnur like I am Cosby. So cool I am, that I even receive key to city... And we haven't even started building doors yet, so key, key is really BIG deal, custom made. SUDDENLY! Alarm blares through village! By alarm, I mean every cat and dog still left.. I immediately put down City key, and ask my Aunt and Mother to get dressed and prepare for my departure, for I must face the threat. I throw open the figurative door of my hut to meet the enemy, some would say hero... It is an American, and a legal associate. They are claiming that indeed Badman is trademarked to them. That I Dilnur, have abused and claimed creation of the name illegally. I take soft route, explaining how few things are illegal in Kazakhstan. But they are persistent, very persistent, these Americans.

I then took hard route... Abandoning family and fame in brash escape in my brand new Audi, only automobile in village by the way, meaning I am rich and the best.. I kept driving for hours and hours. Until finally, the car apparently just broke under the Desert sun. It simply would no longer move any further... I abandoned it too. And here I sit, the world against me. I plot my redemption arc, as greatest Super-Villain. The Badman must pay. How could he have erased everything I have built in an instant!? My fame, my fortune. I know he likely assumed control of the house. He probably is having his way with Aunt Jez.. But I can part with these things, she wasn't what she once was anyway, you know..? BUT, vengeance must be mine! It will be mine!


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I will just focus on your first example. The students will represent a corrupt sample. Asking in a classroom of young people that covet acceptance and open mindedness "would you be okay with __ in the future" is one thing. Whether they actually would is a whole different thing. Firstly, they will be older, wiser, more worrisome, and more protective. Age skews conservative historically, though I have read some articles about Millenials bucking that trend, I am not buying it. You get older and you cling to what has worked, or at least what has grown comfortable. And any mention of stray from that model for you or your loved ones will slowly begin to spark increasing anxiety in you.

Second, they are not actually being faced with the situation. If a day comes when it is becoming trendy to actually bond and marry Androids, there will surely be division about it. Right now there is almost zero societal pressure against an issue we will likely never face in our lifetime. So it would be very easy to reason toward the affirmative. Like all things though, the public discourse will affect peoples willingness to accept things, much like it often represents the only reason we tend to hesitate and downright oppose change in our current day.

What would need to happen first is the recognition of Androids as sentient beings, and as persons. Otherwise it is sort of a hollow marriage without the implications we are likely alluding to. Though I do think people can marry objects, I seem to remember stories about people marrying (and even consummating) abandoned theme park rides out of some fetish. I mean that's a bit odd. I could see a shiny new Waterslide or something, but a derelict Merry-Go-Round..? (judging).

I think some Japanese have married robots, and even digital artificial personalities (AI bots & E-girls). Both of these examples I listed became notable obviously, but only because of their novelty and shock value. And they sort of leave you with a sense of charm and wholesome satisfaction for those individuals, they love what they love... It is a whole different story though as mentioned once it is a real pattern in society. That is when fear and hatred can form, or even practical opposition. So it is almost impossible to predict, other than that there will be friction.