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I'm not sure, really. But I also don't like deck-based games like MTG with physical cards. I like playing card games with people.

I think it's more of a category, like FPS games. And deck-based games are almost all turn-based as well, which is my second-most unfavored category. So deck-based games are just outside my bounds.

Don't get me wrong, they aren't bad, I just don't like them.


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I think this feels obvious to people, but consider that this is not the only way that it could be.

In terms of unmasking the "algorithm" of the processing, this is an interesting question, even though we are certain that we process words in order. But how do we do it?


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I don't see how comparing the MRI's of different people could tell you that one group had "changes" in their brains, or "reduced" gray matter.

These would be "differences" or "differences". Changes/reduced terminology implies something has happened, and is misleading for people to hear. Other headlines will say "phones shrink your brains!"