naivemarky t1_jdx518h wrote

The vast majority has almost no money saved, and owns almost nothing. You have listed options for the top 1%. If that's what it takes, then the general population is doomed.
The economy resides on the premise that everybody needs money and that they can survive with money aquired by working. If this is not possible for 80% of population, money will no longer have value. If the vast majority has a survival problem, guess what, everybody has a problem.


naivemarky t1_j9xpwza wrote

I'm flabbergasted by the people I have shown ChatGPT, pretty much all of them were not interested at all. I had to explain them why it is amazing. And furthermore, it was futile, as they simply didn't get it. They asked it if it's going to rain tomorrow, for navigation directions. Then concluded "it's dumb". At that point I was like, "am I surrounded by morons?"
My overall view of the people around me sunk horribly after ChatGPT release, and I work in AI.