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Scientist: “clear cutting trees good for climate change and wildlife diversity”.

> Wildfires, logging turn protected forests into carbon emitters -report

I think we can safely say that if a toilet paper company can give a 65 year old semi-retired scientist $5 million to conduct research explains how “clear cutting old growth forest is a good thing”, then we would expect that scientist to study how wildlife diversity increases after wildlife migrated from the logged area from the unlogged area, with a bonus that toilet paper is a “carbon sink”, therefore “proving” the claim that global desertification by clear cutting all of the trees is the solution to climate change and habitat loss.

Problem: trees are where quite a bit of our oxygen comes from, most of the wildlife is now gone, so flushing all of our trees down the toilet may not be the best way to remove carbon from the atmosphere and improve the environment.

The fossil fuel industry has shown us how to conduct this kind of fraudulent scientific research for over half a century by making old scientists wealthy.


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Kevin McCarthy voted to convert this into not a crime in 2017.

> House Votes To Allow Internet Service Providers To Sell, Share Your Personal Information

TikTok has flagrantly been caught doing doing the exact same thing as Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, LinkedIn, Google, …

Telegram is the company that is owned by a citizen of a foreign enemy, so why aren’t we doing that one too?

Kevin McCarthy will probably be back in charge in about 3 weeks, so maybe write him a letter asking him to change his mind?


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Is it possible that air quality could be a significant factor?

Carbon dioxide has increased from around 250ppm to over 400ppm during the industrial revolution, with most of that increase occurring since 1940.

Carbon dioxide becomes toxic for humans above around 750ppm, however we have a fairly efficient respiratory system with a great deal of reserve capacity.

Insects breathe through tracheae and spiracles that run directly through the body seem less efficient. For example, insects grew to the size of birds during the Carboniferous period when oxygen was 35% of air and not the current 21%. Air quality seems to drive natural selection for insect size.

It seems that an increase in carbon dioxide would induce evolutionary pressure selecting for insects with smaller size because of respiratory efficiency limits.


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The article suggests that one of the health risks that people suffer in old age can reduced.

Some medications used more by the elderly cause deficiencies that can’t be corrected by diet.

> FDA Drug Safety Communication: Low magnesium levels can be associated with long-term use of Proton Pump Inhibitor drugs (PPIs)

Proper diet is inadequate if intestinal disease or age impairs nutrient absorption. The diagnostic failure rate for just celiac disease is 98%, so it’s pretty safe to assume that the first warning of impaired absorption would be the the kind of issue described in the article.

> The prevalence of celiac disease in the United States has been estimated to be as high as one in 133 individuals. At the same time, only one in 4,700 individuals have been diagnosed with celiac disease. The average delay in diagnosis for a person with symptoms is 11 years.

Some of that is genetic. Some is not.


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This article actually says:

> Namely, Dr. Kieboom and team performed further analyses in which they excluded dementia cases diagnosed in the first 4 years after magnesium measurements were taken. The results were similar, which, the authors write, “[strengthens] the possibility of a causal relationship.”

The articles that are written by journalists are more readable.

> … Intestinal absorption of Mg tends to fall with age, and this decline may be one of the possible causes of Mg deficit with aging …

Correlation isn’t causation, but it will probably be decades before magnesium investigated by pharmaceutical companies if it happens.


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