narayans t1_j5kpsqk wrote

Wow. Just getting rid of rampant corruption would make it less suffocating to live in

Back in the day in Chennai, India I had to pay a bribe to just take a driver's license test. If you don't they'll harass you by making you wait for hours and/or by asking you to come again another day, but if you pony up, they'll hand you a license even if you don't test well. So yeah I did the unethical deed and I deserve to be punished for it, but I digress

Once I was pulled over for "drunk driving", the cop asked for money; I told the cop I've never even tasted alcohol (which was true) and he said think of it as a gift and lowered the price to 200 Rupees/5 USD, and I kid you not he tried to say it nicely. It's the same tactic where they'll turn hostile if you don't play along.

With digitization, things have gotten better I believe