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If you want pretty rural but with a community, you could look at Lycoming County. There are a couple LGBTQ+ groups that have regular meetings and events, last year they held the first PRIDE event at the fairgrounds, etc. There’s still your local rednecks around but it’s much more welcoming than what the urbanites would like to paint it. You could easily get a nice acre or two on your budget. Worth a visit anyway.


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If you want to take some further trips, look into Longwood Gardens, which is absolutely amazing.

I saw Aviation mentioned, you may want to check out the Piper Museum in Lock Haven, particularly for a schedule of fly-in events.

Find a cave or two to explore. Penn's Cave is a boat tour, but there are others that are fun walking tours. Also consider a coal mine tour if history is interesting to you.

I second looking into Harrisburg Univ concert schedule, they have a bit of everything and year-round as well. I'd say most attendees aren't even college aged at most of the shows.

Carlisle area has a ton of car-related events and museums. I'm not even "into" cars but I enjoyed that a lot.


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Nice! I live almost 2 hrs away so I only go when there’s a “must see” show. Used to find myself there quite a bit but the types of shows they’ve been having aren’t quite the same so I haven’t been making the trip lately, unfortunately. One of the best shows I ever went to was in “The Living Room” right next to (and I guess part of?) The Sherman. That was pretty wild.


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thing is, I actually used to live in GA and I don’t remember ever having to go anywhere to re-register a vehicle, so I’m assuming we did it by mail. that was before widespread internet usage, so a long time ago. When I lived in KS you actually did have to go in-person to re-register and get their ridiculous “inspection” though.