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Well, Vin Lord Ruler in my case. Kelsier vs Lord Ruler hit like a truck though

I started the last chapter but then I had planned to go out that night and I had to put it down but... I couldn't enjoy myself out knowing that there were people in the book that needed me to know how it was resolved.

Storm light archive books are far more of a slow grind compared to Mistborn ones


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It was a gamble, but it seems to be paying off. A squad of soldiers yell and attempt to breach my position I drop them all with a single shot each. My reflexes and actions are no longer fully my own, but well it is the only thing keeping me alive right now. I try not to think about what this will mean for my future, there is only now and surviving the night. I step over the soldier's bodies and move towards the door. There will be more and only a matter of time before they discover what happened to their comrades. I stick my head around the corner and my hands follow, unbidden, killing another soldier before I was sure what I had ever seen, then the other three, in quick succession. I have control again, time to reload, I fumble my gun skills rusty, but luckily not my aim.

I find the body of my workmate and flip it over, fuck it's Andre. I go to check for a pulse, but I am moving again, going for cover, I get there just in time before the flash grenade detonates and the sounds of soldiers yelling fill the corridor in which I was previously standing. Pop pop pop, another squad down. How many people did they send to take the facility? How long before they give up and just bomb the place? What will I do if they do? no stay focused on the now, deep breaths, we will cross that bridge when we come to it. I amble down the stairs not quite sure how to do this action hero stuff, I was trained a little when I took the job but it's not core to the job if you know what I mean.

The main office space is wrecked they were definitely looking for something, but they'd have been better off heading straight to the server room, these research computers are linked to the shared database. I hear a noise, but no reactions this time, I follow it somehow still in control. A chair moves and a figure crawls out, bloodied. "John!" I said out loud before thinking better of it, there are likely still soldiers here. I bend down to help him. " John, it worked" I whisper. He looks at me, clearly struggling to breathe, collapsed lung, a bullet in the chest, my eye scans him quickly. Blood on his shirt. He finally recognises me, looks at my gun and similes, his life's work complete he gives up the fight. Bastards they are going to pay for this.


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Dianne Wynne Jones, book, "Howl's Moving Castle" author, She has a series of interconnected books about the Chrestomance. Should be good for the boy

I agree on Dragonflight for the girl, a bit too advanced for the boy for now.


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Let go of your ego.
You are actually at least a little responsible for how people interpret what you say even if you didn't mean it the way they interpret it. You are actually sorry that they misinterpreted you and now have such a negative attitude towards you. But unless you take some responsibility for that misinterpretation it won't be genuine.

"Hey I made a mistake here, what can I do not to make it again?"

But getting misinterepted sends my anxiety skyrocketing, I am always being accidently rude on things like phone calls and emails and to cashiers. things have been a lot better since I got medication for it.


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I made a Your Mum joke once and my friend kicked me out of her car and told me to walk home. Her Mother died when she was very young.

It took me a long time to learn to say sorry when I didn't feel it was my fault. But learning to do that will save a lot of friendships. You have to do it and do it genuinely and don't put any blame on her for her reaction.

"Hey, I am sorry I made a bad joke about your mother, I should of checked if that was something you were okay with before doing it, I still want to be friends and I hope you don't hold one bad joke against me"