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There once was a small hamlet. Given a name of some sort. It's people were filled with hope for a new start. They had settled this land from old for many a reason. But now their hope was waning.

There was a reason this land had been untapped, they had discovered. Fearful myths had proven true. There were some sort of monsters in the wood, creatures none could understand.

As they had tried to eek out a living, more and more strange things had occurred. Children scratched were thought as careless before they found a mere babe dashed against some rocks as if thrown.

Soon, adults who were too shaken to speak started to leave with their families, plans left unfinished. There were still some stalwart folk who stayed.

They had never seen such horror. The very wildlife came to get them to tear them apart. Their homes were trashed, whole families were killed.

Only one remained to tell the tale, so that we could all know who truly ruled our world. And a new warning was added to our litany.

Praise the lady, beware the trees.


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As they sat down around the lit crystalline structure, their limbs creaked as they settled in. The silence built and apprehension grew among their faces.

Finally, the oldest of them thumped and a loud sound echoed throughout the cavern. "Tomorrow we face the hardest challenge we have ever seen." the booming voice proclaimed.

"They have stolen our land. Destroyed our lives. Desecrated our corpses. We are the first, and we are the last."

A mumbling grew amongst them but the elder thumped again and they grew silent.

"We have learned much about our enemy. We are strong, they are nimble. We use our natural talents, they use weaponry. Our injuries last, but theirs fade away."

The elder saw the fear shaking them. "We will prevail."

That quieted them down.

"We will outlast."

They thumped loudly.

"Our progeny will uproot their own."


"No matter what happens."


"The Conifer shall win!"