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She was pretty close to the entrance. Probably 12 or so spots to the store. She sat in her car eating donuts so it’s not like she went shopping. That lot is always full unless you go on a Tuesday midday when everyone is working. This happened to be at noon on Sunday before a Ravens game so you know the lot was at full capacity


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Settle down there. If you can’t handle a reply then don’t post a reply. All I said was that people like you that have an excuse for people like this are the ones that help people like this parking idiot to get away with parking like an idiot until it happens to you and then you probably get all up in arms about it. I am just assuming by your original response


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Unfortunately, I had driven around for 2 laps already and noticed her there twice around so there were no other spots that I came up to that were open. I also don’t need to park close to the entrance since I rather park far and walk then to sit and wait for someone to leave a spot closer. I feel that your comment is what exacerbates this type of behavior because instead of being upset at them you are upset that I am correct. Normally I wouldn’t approach a vehicle because you never know but with that said, I approached her with kind words and kept my space. When I asked her to pick a spot it was after I asked her if she could possibly move to one spot so that I could park in the other. This is a selfish act on her part and the only reason I took the picture was so that I had something if she decided to do something to my car since I ended up parking close to where she was because someone just happen to come out near there. I’m sure that in your eyes the guys on the bikes terrorizing Fed Hill Park are just looking for a place to ride too. Correct?


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I have noticed this as well. Noticed that people in expensive cars drive like idiots. I guess they are expecting that the car will drive for them. Lol She said “leave me alone” as she was stuffing donuts into her grill. Not shaming, just reporting. All I wanted to do was to go to the grocery store before the Raven’s game