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English does have compound nouns like grasshopper too! And I honestly dont really see the big difference between the constructs Wohnzimmer and its literal translation living room. Sure, you can create long new(ish) words like Kreuzworträtselleitfaden (crossword puzzle guide) but I guess thats not as exciting for a native speaker any longer. Sorry to disappoint


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It might just be me but dont be disappointed if you dont get the same pleasure from reading in a foreign language. I've read several hundred books in english and pretty much exclusively watch english tv shows and I still vastly prefer reading in my mother tongue.


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Mh I've reread all books I've enjoyed in school at least once to see if my opinion changed. Otherwise I tend to reread my favourites like Messiah by Gore Vidal, Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde, Kafka, Hesse, Pratchett, Matt Ruff...every few years. While I do read a lot of fantasy I'm not into long series and barely reread them at all.


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I've heard that the israeli version is pretty different though.

One of my weird hobbies is comparing adaptions from all over the world, I love how The Bridge, for example has been adapted six times already.

The catalan show Polseres Vermelles (polseres rojas in spanish) has also been super successfully adapted in italy, france and germany, the american red band society was a flop though.


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Did you watch Tatortreiniger? I also liked Morgen hör ich auf and Bruder - Schwarze Macht. Der Pass is also not bad, Club der roten Bänder was a superior adaption than Red Band Society. Dark is a german show too. In addition Netflix made Unorthodox which won the Emmy for Best Mini-Series.