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I think you might not understand what this is. iOS also has an emergency call thing, which functions similar to Samsung's (though it's slightly more difficult to activate, I've never done it by accident). That's existed for a long time, and would be on an iPhone 13 as well.

The thing the iPhone 14 added was the ability to contact emergency services even if you don't have cell service. It's an option within the existing emergency call system; if it detects you don't have service, it'll let you message search and rescue via a satellite system.


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This is kind of a silly analogy. Gaming PCs, including prebuilts, custom, and laptops, are a $40 billion dollar a year business worldwide. Google alone makes that two months, Apple in less than that. The smartphone market is 10 times bigger than all of PC gaming. It’s like seeing someone fail a trig test (in, to be fair, a pretty embarrassing way), and concluding that they literally know nothing about all of math. Yes, I’m aware I’m feeding the troll. I’m bad at letting bad arguments lie