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Maybe they don't want to be found OP.

If you do decide to go through with it, Piscataway is a nice area near a major university. The States' public transit system is not like EUs so you may want an international drivers permit to get around better or youll be spending a ton in Uber.


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The amount of state funds that were injected into it when our infrastructure or several other programs desperately could have used the money.

The amount of time it took to build and still not even be 100% ready on opening day.

The unplanned lack of traffic control.

The fact that there's no direct route to it from the city/airports or other mass transit option such as a shuttle that would actually bring in and take some of that NYC tourist money.

The clusterfuck that it is anytime theres a Jets or Giants home game.

And the real kicker: you need to pay for parking


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Agreed. But case in point as I said earlier: i bought 7lbs of 88/12 ground beef for $3.99/lb. At my local shoprite its nearly twice that. In less than an hour I broke that 7lbs into (4) 1lb and (6) 1/2 lb packs using my vacuum sealer. Id say thats an hour well spent


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Minor dusting in my area, but the wind makes it bitterly cold. Its expected to hit -12C tonight without the wind and -21C with wind factored in. I work from home so Im just staying inside and will be cooking for tomorrow once Im done with work