neercatz t1_j3zeyi1 wrote

They made an open ended remark, they didn't state fact and challenge all to try and prove them wrong.

The girl does look kinda strung out in the mugshot. She also tried to dispose of a dead body in a backyard fire pit then WENT TO TAKE A NAP.

The point is drugs aren't out of the realm of possibility.

And it's weird to screenshot other people's reddit comments to use as evidence in a possible future argument about some dumb shit like this.

Edit: how the turntables. You mentioned screenshotting that first guys comment in case he wanted to argue then ended up changing your own comment to make it look like you didn't say that

2nd edit: you deleted your comment completely. Don't count your chickens before you throw two stones at birds who live in glass houses or whatever


neercatz t1_j0xi00q wrote

What is it about Altimas and their drivers?!!?!? I'm 100% convinced there's a destruction clause in the contract when you buy one.

Section 3, paragraph 2, subgraph bullet point 4 - User must wreck this car into at least 3 solid and 2 moving objects within the first year of ownership or vehicle will be repossessed and sold to another owner who promised to really fuck it up.