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Well firsr of all, that's the feature of authoritarianism: they all grow impatient, they have no correct info and are surrounded by the yes men. In case of putin, he doesn't even use the technology. Second, the US was always open to post soviet russia. Hell, they were even invited to G7. They were given massive aid, but because of the widespread corruption, the money was stolen. Russian Democracy ended in 1993 when tanks were deployed against the Parliament


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You're wrong, Ukraine was not armed to the teeth. That's BS. They still largely use soviet era tanks, aircraft, etc. A couple of thousands of Javelins and Stingers ≠ armed to the teeth. Another BS is your assertion that the US wouldn't help the brown/non-white people in case of a hypothetical russian invasion. Also wrong.


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The only working solutions are to ease immigration for college educated people and start handing out working visas and allow anyone to serve in the US military, I guess


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For some reason even Romani people and muslims easily adapt in the US and the New World in general. Just tells you how racist Europeans are actually


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Just open the damn borders already. Child stimulating programs have never succeded in history, and that's good. Lax the borders. That'll also decrease poverty