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Bucks and Delco also lost population. Montco had a very small gain but basically no change.

I think Greater Center City keeps growing while the outer neighborhoods are losing population.

These year over year estimates are wildly inaccurate for urban areas. Last estimate had to be revised by 14,000 people for Philly. Initial estimate said Philly lost 25k then revised to 11k


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Is your house detached or on a corner? That seems very high. I have a 1800 sqft mid block rowhome with hot water radiators. I keep the thermostat between 66-70, but this winter it's mostly been on 66.

My highest bill this season has been $110. I'll usually have one winter month slightly over $100 but usually it's between $90-100 for gas in winter.

My house does run warm so my electric bills are higher in summer for AC.


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I live nearby. It's a typical South Philly old man dive bar. A guy on my block in his late 50s is a regular. He's South Philly born and raised usually wearing Chiefs gear. It's all South Philly guys from the neighborhood who've been going here for decades and are all Chiefs fans because of this bar. Their only connection to the Chiefs is the bar. They root for all other Philly teams. It's like an odd little social club.


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The problem is that the agencies didn't let anyone know that they were allowed to keep them up while the applications are pending until after the demolition deadline of 1/9.

>For example: If you’ve applied for a license, can you keep operating your current structure without fines until your application is approved?

>Answers have varied.

>Ben Fileccia, of the Pennsylvania Restaurant and Lodging Association, said he was under the impression that so long as restaurants had submitted an application, they could avoid fines for now. Montanez echoed as much in a Monday interview with The Inquirer.

>“[An unlicensed streetery] is automatic grounds for a citation,” Montanez said. “But we’re asking them if they’re planning to get it legalized, then to go in the system and apply, and then we say ‘here’s the process.’ ”

>But the Streets Department’s own website reports “all unlicensed streetery set-ups must also be removed beginning January 9, 2023.” No licenses had been issued as of Monday, officials said, as the application approvals remain ongoing.

>Asked for clarification, Streets officials later confirmed that restaurants can indeed continue operating their current streeteries without fines, so long as they have pending applications.


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There is one meeting a month, and if the AC doesn't approve it this time the business would have to come back the following month, or whenever they correct whatever AC didn't like.

Applications opened on Nov 15th so it's been 2+ months since they opened.

Businesses are allowed to keep the streateries up as long as they have a pending application.


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Well there are different kinds of progressives. When Rhynhart says the things in that interview I don't believe her because her actions and deeds do not align with those words.

Green wants the City of Philadelphia to open and fund a bank. Possibly the worst possible idea ever. It's not a moderate idea at all.

I want a candidate that's pro development and pro reducing regulations on small business. I would also want a candidate that would be in favor of the sixers arena in market east.

Based on what I'm looking for I would say all the candidates other than Domb and maybe Brown are to the left of Rhynhart.


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Only things I remember are towing abandoned cars which is a bigger deal than it seems and demolishing blighted properties. I didn't pay much attention to politics back then.

I think this is more about getting blocks of voters. In a primary like this if it gets her a chunk of North Philly voters it's a win.


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Good thing there are no condos planned for this site. Rental vacancy in the Philly Metro is 2.8% as of this summer and lots more rental apartments are needed.

Also Durst did not develop any buildings on Billionaire's Row:

Additionally, Robert Durst was never part of the Durst Organization.


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This company has never built a residential project in the suburbs. All of their projects are in NYC including One World Trade Center the tallest building in the United States. This is not a suburban developer.

Your skepticism is valid when it comes to companies like Toll Brothers but not in this case.


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$700 just for seasonal maintenance is insane. I get junk mail all the time advertising $79 or $99 deals for seasonal maintenance.

Are you sure that the $700 is not for a service plan that includes them fixing any issues that are covered by the plan? For a service plan $700 is still very expensive but less crazy.