neo101b t1_j4xk8mg wrote

I can see the movie, Transcendence being a template for what may happen. The technophobes will be out trying to destroy technology because of their fear.

They may just go all Sarah Conner. If only humans embraced AI and the world could have been saved, but they had to go out and destroy technology, out of fear.

I do think it was a decent movie and worth watching.


neo101b t1_j0vet99 wrote

I can see NFTs as being a digital key to help sign proof of ownership, to allow people to go to concerts.

You could even see if its a fake ticket or not by checking it on the blockchain.

Traditional tickets can be faked, scan a real one print it off and sell, easy money for scammers.


neo101b t1_ixijy1r wrote

Being immortal would end up being a curse, what is there to do, when everything you can do has been done ?

Eternal boredom would be a thing eventually, it's not going to be as fun as it was at first. Even if it takes aeons.