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Mostly likely?

The Flash was the last show standing and it ends this season.

Make sense not to depend on a long continuity, especially with how Supergirl ended.

Even Stargirl ended before it could attempt a crossover(reusing Jay Garrick).

If the show continues, i wouldn't be surprised if it goes to streaming.


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I think OP's conclusion from the research is too simplistic. It totally depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

Expense for CGI is too broad. You have to look at why it's expensive.

CGI could be the easier and cheaper route over practical or the opposite depending on what you are trying to accomplish and who is working on it.


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You're looking for a correct answer like A must lead to be.

All that matters is he thinks this information may reveal truth.
He's trying to get her to talk and express herself. Maybe it's all lies whatever she says but it says plenty if that's what she makes up. Maybe just maybe, she may see it as pointless to keep lying.


Again it doesn't matter if that will be the case, as long as he thinks it could be.

Additionally it clues us in to the idea that while this is the first time we are seeing this scene, who knows how many times he's done this portion of the loop. This man may have spent months or years on this same trip.