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Nah, it's been publicly known for a long while. I think it's mentioned in the book Skunkworks. The Operations Room also has a good video series about the Desert Storm air war that I think mentions it:

Edit: around t=13:30


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When I was a little kid, my grandfather, an air force mechanic, gave me a weird little model airplane for Christmas. It was black and pointy and had no cockpit. It wasn't until many years later I learned it was a real plane, a Lockheed D-21 hypersonic supersonic drone, and he'd worked on the project. It absolutely blew my mind that we had hypersonic supersonic drones in the late 60s.


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As a bipolar dude, I've found that when it's hard or impossible to do my regular, intense exercise, it's key to just do whatever I can do at all, even if it's absolutely minimal.

Too depressed to lift heavy weights? Try to lift light weights. Too depressed to lift at all? Try to go for a walk. Too depressed to go for a walk? Try to get up and shower.

It may not be much, but doing whatever I can and being proud of myself for doing it helps a ton.


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During my first manic episode, I spent night and day working out with kettle bells in my apartment. I'd switched back to depression by the time I returned to the doc a month later and only realized something had happened when the nurse pointed out I'd lost 30lb.

That being said, I've found that regular exercise (along side my medication and quality sleep) is absolutely vital for preventing mood episodes.


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Exonyms VS endonyms. In OPs case they're called hostile exonyms. There are a lot of historical peoples we only know by exonyms. There are also many we know only by their native word for "people."