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VIPs might be better for the club but they charge high room fees to the dancers and/or keep a higher percentage of the total than single dances. When I used to set my own prices I made my VIPs expensive to make it worthwhile. I wrote a detailed comment about pricing on this post if you can find it.


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The four Super Bowls shown were at LA club #1, #2, #2, #3. I think to make conclusions about specific betting days it would be better to have aggregate data about money spent at the club. A lot of my earnings were from regulars although I did have two big spends from one-time-only customers who might have been gambling winners. Thanks for reading!


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Don't forget that we don't keep all of the money. And even if you see a guy dropping $1,000, that might be with one or two dancers and there are 30 more on the floor fighting for scraps. LA is not a huge strip club market either. Most of my earnings increase is from me building up a roster of regular customers and also just getting better at the job.