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My gf and I tried to go to Hershey Park last summer. I've been going to Hershey since I was a kid, but I haven't been in maybe six years. It was absolutely packed. We mostly meandered around, trying to find rides with relatively short lines. In about six hours, we rode only four rides. We left early and went to Troegs.


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When I was a kid, living in south east pa, we would occasionally get this weird phone call of a recorded message saying, repeatedly, "there's been an outbreak at (so and so location). This is not a drill." I don't remember the words exactly, but every one of my family at one point had gotten the call at different times in our lives. After the message repeated a few times, the line would go down. Couldve been a prank, but it happened during the day a lot (when kids were in school. This was before smart phones)

When I was in college, I came home late from a party and was the only one home. I decided to go down to our classic, unfinished Pittsburgh basement and play some music. About ten minutes in, the basement lights started flickering. They had never flickered before, and never did again after this night. I shouted, "stop it!" And it stopped for a few minutes. Then they started flickering again. Again, I yelled for it to stop. The lights came back on again. I then turned around to see a guitar cable that I had on a nail in the wall swinging. I had about five or six cables on that wall, all next to each other, and only one cable in the middle was swinging. Not slightly, either, full on swinging. The whole, rolled up cable. Needless to say, I left the room after that.

A few weeks later, I had another creepy incident in this house. We had a cheap radio I think we bought at five below. It was the kind of radio that you would turn on/off by turning the volume knob. There was only one button on it - scan. You would turn it on, press scan, and it would just find the clearest station. One night, I woke up, and the radio had been turned on to the maximum volume, and it was all static. It was impossible for this radio to make static, since you could only scan to the clearest station. It was also impossible for someone to leave it on because it was at the maximum volume, and right outside my room. I would've heard it if someone was blasting music as I was trying to sleep. I just turned it off and went back to bed.


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There are, of course, cities with more breweries, and cities with great breweries. But, as a big fan of, well, drinking, I believe that what makes Pittsburgh unique are the varieties of breweries. Looking for sours, try Strange Roots, or the kettle sours at Hitchhiker or Grist House. Looking for hazy boys? Check out Dancing Gnome. Looking for something traditional? Penn, or even Hofbrahaus, the Church, or Golden Age. Hell, we even have a gluten free brewery. Want a Caribbean themed brewery? Want mead instead? We got 'em. Every brewery does a great job at creating their own sense of style as well. I've been to other cities, and while the beers are good, A lot of them just sort of feel like a brewery, and they tend to run together. There's a reason why the national homebrewers convention was here this year, it's because we got good stuff, and something for everyone!