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Dave and Atlanta.

I preferred Dave, I bet you weren't expecting that.

Lil Dicky is a genius who wrote an unflinching character portrayal and wasn't afraid to get vulnerable and satirise his own ego with it. Same with the character of Gator, with an incredible look at bipolar disorder. On top of that, it remained very funny. Season 2 really elevated the show.

Atlanta started out strong but then became a circle-jerk for Donald Glover's ego from season 3. I always felt this was a shame as the first two seasons, especially the second, were really interesting. (Not seen Season 4 yet - I was so put off by Season 3).


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Nah, Mr Inbetween is better than all those shows.

Pulls Ray's mad smile

Edit: To add some justification. It was consistently funny and touching. It had a mix of singular (episodic) and long-running storylines which remained compelling. Plus it ended on a bitter sweet high. The central performance was mesmerising, Ray could be in equal parts scary and a heartfelt character.


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Yeah the copies I read were ones that had actually been translated on Reddit. Apparently for years that's the only way fans could read the series, via the subreddit's own translations.

I've looked at the official translation and the fan translation side by side and they are near identical in fact. I'd even say that the fan one is better as the writing is less formal and stilted and more fluid and colloquial.


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My favourite bit was when he randomly sees the woman shooting her husband while he's running away from the angry mob and he bitterly quips 'I'll probably get blamed for that too!'.

That bit is just feel so surreal and almost detached from the rest of the movie and yet his line just ties it all together.