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Yet, it grows wild everywhere. In the villages where charas is produced they have lookouts, and when the local police come to do a burnout, they will give them some money to go away. Only when the federalos come it is an issue. Honestly, I dont know what is the issue. There are sadhus smoking chillum everywhere on the street and as long as you are not an idiot about it, charas is widely available.


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Because the iranian nuclear program is light years ahead of the Iraqi one. Some of it is buried so deep, only the US's biggest of bombs, deliverable only by US strategic bombers stand a chance of destroying it. Israel can't execute this all alone, as they did in Iraq and Syria. So until American support and active engagement is guaranteed, nothing on such scale will happen.


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Magna cum Lauda

Cum is Latin for 'and'. This ad seems to be of Indian origin, judging by his name. Indians use 'cum' as a normal part of their daily language, so you can often see sign such as 'garage cum car wash', or 'hot meals cum snacks', 'lodge cum dhaba'