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I used Silverline Restoration for my roof - they used GAF architectural shingles with a 50 year life. I have a simple gable roof and they weren’t too pricey ($7500 total). I used Sunpower for my solar panels. As someone mentioned above, they’re a little pricier but they’ve been around since the 80s and their panels have a very low degradation rate. Also they have a 20 year warranty for panels, inverters, roof leaks, and maintenance. Make sure you tally up your electricity usage for a year so that you’re not oversold a bigger system than you need. A few companies I interviewed tried to sell me a system that was way larger than I needed and therefore way more expensive.


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You’re not alone! I didn’t renew my service contract with Petro at the end of the season last year because their delivery fee would have been locked in at $6 a gallon. I’ve been using this website ( to find the cheapest oil and then ordering the minimum amount when I get below half a tank (usually 100 gallons) because I can’t afford more. We’re also keeping the heat at 64. It’s been a tough winter despite it being relatively mild, temperature-wise