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Sure is. Profanity and the middle finger are indeed protected by the first amendment.

I learned that many townships and their respective corrupt municipal court judges are trying to bankroll their town's coffers by having cops arrest law-abiding for mundane and non-existent laws.


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Many announcers have their own trademarks; the late Gordon Bowman-Jones, who announced at Willow Grove, was one. Howdy is among that group of great announcers.

As for calendars, there isn't one specifically for that part of the USA but one of the best ones out there is on Milavia.


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I was at Willow Grove that day, too. That was such a sad thing to witness, especially as a child. It still haunts me to this day, nearly 23 years later.

The base had a couple more airshows after that year, until their last one in 2006.


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I had to look it up... Phillies won World Series in 1980 and that year's Eagles went to the Super Bowl and lost.

The 2022 Phillies made it to the World Series and lost and that year's Eagles are going to the Super Bowl. Maybe, just maybe, they'll win, and just maybe we will see a crowd of Eagles fans greeting the team on February 13 or 14 like this did after winning Super Bowl LII!


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A meteorologist somewhere brought up the term "bombogenesis" to describe the rapid intensification or deepening of a cyclonic low pressure system. Someone (or more than one) in the mass media heard that term and the description and decided "Hey, we've got a new one... a bomb cyclone!" and nowadays to scare the masses, "a massive bomb cyclone" is used to describe many winter storms to scare the shit out of you and I.

It's just another winter storm with arctic air... sorry... the POLAR VORTEX (another scare tactic) coming further south than it normally would.

You just prepare like you normally would. Make sure you've got snow shovels, full tank of gas for the snow blower, and there's no need to stock up on milk and bread and eggs for a month. If this was a snowstorm that dumped 40" of snow across the entire state, you spend a day or day and a half digging out and life returns to normal. Make sure your vehicle's fuel tank is full or close to it. I've personally had vehicle issues the one time the high temperatures in NJ never went above 32º for what seemed like a month because I had less than a full tank of gas in my car.


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Reply to comment by gixxerkid17 in Ez pass by Vegetable-Ad-7538

I bought an EZ Pass "go pack" at a rest stop 7-11 on the PA Turnpike last year. It cost $45 but also had a credit of $35 or so attached to it. Registered it that night, couldn't use it without getting docked for violations until 48 hours later.

I did not know about the "you don't need the tag in your car" part...


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For travel with the USA (this includes going to Alaska and Hawaii) you should arrive at the airport at least two hours before your scheduled departure time.

For international travel (including Puerto Rico, even though it is a US territory) you should arrive at the airport at least three hours before your scheduled departure time.

Those are recommendations all travelers should abide to, whether they travel out of an airport with only three or four scheduled flights a day or a hub like EWR. During the holidays and any other busier travel time (like now) I would add at least another hour on top of that.

This part will generate controversy... make sure when you arrive two or three hours before your scheduled departure time that we are talking about the moment you walk into the terminal, not the moment you drive up onto airport property and then spend 5-10 minutes looking for a place to park (and then there's also the shuttle to the terminal, if needed). You need to give yourself enough time if you need to check any bags, go through security, etc.


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Ocean tends to disappear a lot, even on a bright sunny day.

During airshow week, pilots are briefed that they need to make sure they say over the water when heading towards the show box because Ocean's windows blend in with the sky so well it becomes almost invisible from the air.