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If that's the angle you're going to go with, then the art could be literally anyone. As anyone can be a douche. I don't think that's what you're saying though, I think you didn't bother to lookup what a fiduciary is, giggled when you realized it had douche in there, and tried to cash in on some of that sweet bankers are evil karma.

You could just own that, but I guess even people with paintbrushes can be douches.


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I don't know what to call this sort of thing, but it's so common online. It's like oh, that's.... sort of neat I guess, but 90% of the appeal is in how tedious and long it must have taken. Like I don't want to just call it silly and a waste of time. But it's like wow you made the largest stack of popsicle sticks ever... cool?


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Aren't these totally different technologies? I thought ECG was for detecting arrythmia and is very very clear that it can't detect a heart attack. EKG is what they use to detect heart attacks. Lots of watches and devices have ECG functionality at this point, very few have EKG let alone approval as functioning well enough to be advertised.

At least that's my understanding from a very quick look around at watch health features come in smart watches these days.


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Dang I was just eating ribs yesterday from a BBQ place near me and I swore shrinkflation had given me the tiniest meatless ribs I had ever seen. And yeah, those look like proper ribs. All these restaurants are going to go out of business and people are going to start cooking again for a decent meal.


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People are bad at estimating things, and its much harder to get more budget at most companies. So if you underspend and lose the budget, you have instant FOMO for the next year, and if you actually need more, it's a pain to get.

You might think but its so easy to lookup that you gave up a million dollars last year, why would it be hard to get 20k? And that's just one of the great mysteries of corporate finance.

You also have a general lack of real responsibility for checking this stuff. Proper accounting and estimation for budgets and efficiency is hard and time consuming. Very few companies truly try to do it. So you've got department managers blowing remaining budget last second, and no one challenging it, and things just keep on chugging along.

So long as the total budget for the company fits at the end of the year, there's not a lot of time spent looking into the details of that.


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Very little, it's mostly an FDA regulation nuance that you would never care about other than it allows them to use a slightly different official name, which they market as 'deluxe' because it obviously catches your attention.

Interestingly I see OP has already posted about milk rather than byproducts and oils. As far as I can tell, milk is always used in all their cheese. I am not even sure you can call anything a cheese without milk. Though the internet certainly is full of 'American cheese is evil' gut feelings.

American cheese is basically cheese + sodium citrate. Not the devils chemistry. And yes you then add all the normal stabilizers and shelf-life increasers to create a 'cheese product' rather than a regular wheel of cheese.

Or more simply, think of deli meat/cheese vs pre-packaged on the shelf. The deli is usually better quality and more expensive because it will go bad faster than packaged (not always, you can certainly find deli meat pre-packed too). Deluxe in this case would be buying from the deli, original would be whatever is on the shelf. And if you're thinking, that's not a huge difference, you are correct.

Super bonus info: Since American cheese is just cheese + sodium citrate, you may be wondering would this work with other cheeses? And yes, it does. You can make melty delicious cheese in any flavor you want. Imagine American cheeses goo factor + blue cheese on your burger? Sploosh.