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>Vermonters who have young children and make less than $125,000 of annual income — including those who make no income at all — are eligible to receive $1,000 per child in a refundable tax credit for the 2022 filing year. Filers who make up to $175,000 are eligible for partial credit.


>More than 34,000 children are expected to benefit from the tax credit this year, according to the state’s Legislative Joint Fiscal Office. However, even as Vermont Tax Department officials promote the new credit, it faces a threat in the Legislature. The state Senate is already considering doing away with the credit to help pay for an expansion of child care subsidies. A proposal to cut the benefit, advanced by the Senate Finance Committee last Wednesday, still needs approval by the full chamber, after which it would likely face an uphill battle in the House.

>Regardless of the outcome of that legislative debate, the credit remains available to families this filing season.


>While the tax credit is currently available to anyone making under $125,000 per year— including those who make no income at all — many families with low earnings are not required to file tax returns and risk missing out on the credit.

>State Tax Commissioner Craig Bolio is encouraging those who are eligible to file, regardless of income, in order to receive the credit.


>Alongside the child tax credit, the Vermont earned income tax credit and the child and dependent care credit increased this year to 38% and 72% of the federal credit respectively. Bolio said families who qualify for the child tax credit might meet the requirements for all three.

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>Montenegro’s lawmakers on Monday elected all but one of the judges of the country’s top court, ending a stalemate that has threatened to halt the Balkan nation’s European Union membership bid.

>Montenegro’s Constitutional Court has been blocked for months with main political players failing to agree on new members. The court has seven judges but four places have been vacant since September.


>Montenegro used to be part of a union with Serbia before splitting in 2006. The country joined NATO in 2017, defying Russian opposition, and is widely considered as the next in line for EU membership.


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Reply to comment by BudsKind802 in Is USPS okay? by WingsOfFireAndCake

Exactly. It is shameful. Don't forget that DeJoy owns a business that would profit considerably from USPS privatization.

The article below was recently published in VT Digger about post office problems although this one is limited to Hinesburg.

Hinesburg residents and officials frustrated by mail delivery delays


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>While the Legalise Cannabis party said it was too early to “count their eggs”, preliminary projections suggest they are in the running to win three upper house seats – but it is promising to push “forcefully” on drug reform if elected.

>Currently, Labor looks likely to pick up about 15 upper house seats, meaning the government will need six other MPs to pass laws.

>Legalise Cannabis would probably be supported by the Greens, who support decriminalisation. The Animal Justice party, who are waiting to see if it will secure a seat, also wants decriminalisation, while the Reason party’s leader, Fiona Patten, who is currently in a tight race with former Labor powerbroker Adem Somyurek, has also voice support for it.

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I loved the Expanse and working on The Peripheral which we like so far. We are planning a rewatch of the Expanse soon. What set Andor apart for me was the writing and depths of characters exceptionally well delivered and believable by the actors along with a compelling plot not filled with unimportant parts to fill time or descending into personal relationship soap opera veering off the central plot.

I don't normally gush over movies or series but this time I am. The Expanse and Andor are both excellent but of different styles. I got a bit upset towards the end of The Expanse as there were plot holes toward the end that didn't get filled but overall it was very good and a departure from previous sci-fi series to date.

I love science fiction movies and series. I remember a time when series were sparse. One movie or series I was love to see made is Clarke's Rendezvous with Rama. I've read the 4 book series and its fantastic. Sometime ago Morgan Freeman tried to get it made into a movie but it stalled, damnit.


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I agree, the whole season was unexpectedly excellent. It has been sometime since we've seen an outstanding sci-fi series. We were expecting a back-slide for the last episode featuring a cheesy cliff hanger that even better series seem to succumb to. It wasn't that thankfully and a refreshing change.

Because the writer treated the audience and actors with respect and the story line is excellent, we cannot wait for the second season. Our interest is high, we want to know what comes next. The producers can be assured their viewership will be sustained and I'd be surprised if it doesn't grow considerably.


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Jimmy Carter's Habitat for Humanity has a presence here in VT that you might want to check out.

The terms for qualifying is provided in the website below. There is also a link section to find local resources. Some of the websites listed for VT aren't active but some are and it might be there are other means to contact them.

Hope this might prove helpful. Considering the housing crisis in VT, I'm surprised that there isn't more activity but I could well be out of the loop,