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I got downvoted elsewhere for saying they're superior to every other waterproof boot I've ever tried. I have a pair going strong still, after 5 years. They do need a quality insole though; I like cork. Source: am a stream biologist and spent literally 20 years standing in water.


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>they’re not actively hunting out humans to eat, which is what you said.

It's not. I said they're more likely to eat you during an attack than other types of bears one might encounter in the US. A list of fatal bear attacks in the US shows one is statistically more likely to be eaten by a black bear than a grizzly.

Think of the adage 'if it's black, fight back. If it's brown, lie down.' This is because black bears are more predatory toward humans and are trying to kill you, where grizzly attacks are often because you're deemed a threat to their resources; playing dead makes you less of a threat.


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My partner and I had this discussion last night regarding this photo.

Yes, we do. I love going off trail and a good sporting adventure. But there is a time and place for it. And a popular tourist attraction at a National Park when there are other people around isn't the time or the place. Washington is full of wilderness to frolick in, leave the 'special' areas as they are.