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People would be shocked by the progressive legacy Nixon left behind, and his environmental legacy is part of that. Senator Nixon, for instance, also had the first federal bill for a nationalized healthcare scheme (sponsored with Ted Kennedy, no less). He intentionally had a huge and formal affirmative action policy for women for positions appointed by his administration, in addition to other notable civil rights firsts.

Hell, I bet very few people know that Nixon was instrumental in urging LBJ to sign the Civil Rights Act into law; LBJ was strongly considering vetoing it, and Nixon (among others) talked him out of it.

You know, Nixon. The racist homophobic paranoid misanthropic criminal. That guy. He did those things.

Unironically, he was one of the best, and absolute worst, presidents we have ever had.


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The tech is so sensitive that recent deals with close Anglophone allies to share it with them made waves (gettit?). To be fair, that is "nuclear sub capability" as a generic package, though, and so surely encompasses many sensitive technologies beyond nuclear capabilities.

Though powering a nuke sub is VERY different from powering a power plant.


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"Full Self Driving" is much more egregious, being a very direct description for a very expensive feature that is completely untrue, and always has been.That sort of description should arguably be illegal, being completely false in a way that "Incognito Mode" isn't.

Sure, if you're spending $$$ on a Tesla, you should read the fine print. But I think it's completely undesirable for us to allow obviously false names to be used for products, regardless of whether consumers ought to read the fine print.

(I also don't think purchases should be an IQ test, as though being born slow should allow you to be taken advantage of.)