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Correct. It is seat yourself and we never progressed any further than the front counter.

We had a group of five. It was busy, but we had as asked if we could move two smaller tables together to fit our group. One kind staff member was making sure we had a place for our group to site when the one at the register chimed in and told us that we would have to sit where the tables were. Fine, no biggie.

We had assumed that since it was pay at the counter, they would be able to give us all separate checks for our reimbursement purposes. When traveling for work, I always try to check ahead of time, as not not burden the staff after it’s all be entered into the POS system. We were told that they couldn’t do that, and we would be charged an additional gratuity for our party size. I think it was 15 or 18 percent, for a fucking party of five. We decided that the customer service in there sucks and we’d go elsewhere. The lady at the counter seemed as though we were a giant inconvenience and that she didn’t want us in the restaurant.

Yak and Yeti was busy and understaffed, but they made sure we were taken care of and we didn’t mind waiting for a quality meal.

I was greatly disappointed since I had heard how great the ramen was, but I won’t be treated like that.


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You’re referencing a trail that is located in a very rural area, with the majority of it being no man-developed state forest land. Hence the leave no trace guidelines for using the bathroom in the woods.

Point being is that even this trail has issues, and only a very small fraction of it runs through private property.

Just imagine some dude taking a dump in the backyard of your suburban McMansion.


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Here are my final thoughts on the matter.

About 40 years ago, my wife’s family farm was taken by Eminent Domain. At that time, we had read all the studies, spoken with people on both sides and were assured that eminent domain was not on the table. Needless to say, we don’t own that farm anymore, and were paid only a fraction of todays value.

Furthermore, if walking outside is something that you enjoy, consider living in an area with large amounts of public land and hiking trails. Don’t demand that others make their land available to you.


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A township or county isn’t going to fund the construction of a trail without first owning the land.

If the farmers were ok with people tromping all over their land, they probably would already allow public access.

I’m going to assume that you are not a land owner? I am. It comes with a very unique and specific set of headaches.


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It’s not the trail the concerns me. It’s the people on the trail.

There is a rather popular rail trail in the county next to where I live and it has issues with people off the trail all the time. Human waste on private property, dogs not in leashes chasing landowners dogs and their other animals.