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Great photo! Dumb person... Common sense would have easily allowed them to figure out what they were doing was wrong. Oh well. Time to get another 5 people out so they can fix the paint mistake.

Edit: WTF, why are people downvoting me? What did I say to offend people. All I wrote was the people who painted the street need to fix their mistake. I stand by the fact that it's a great photo. Sometimes people on here are so sensitive (and I don't even know what they are sensitive to).


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I know it's illegal, but I really just assumed that all politicians in one way or another coordinate with PACs. PACs are a complete parasite to politics (and worse). But, it's just really hard to believe that some senior person isn't communicating in some way with PACs. I guess you can say that I'm disillusioned by the whole system... but, this just doesn't seem that surprising.

I am not a Zeldin supporter. And, by getting caught, it just shows how dysfunctional his administration might be if they were to get elected.

Edit: I love the downvote. To the people who downvoted, it's pretty naive to think that both sides aren't doing this in one way or another. Again, I'm not defending him- so emotions don't need to get in the way of at least being open minded to the fact both parties utilize the PACs. Dems were slow on the utilization aspect because the vehemently hated them (as do I) but once they say the PACs were here to stay, they did -and had- to embrace them.